Horseback in Hacienda Totorillas

Our professors were able to set up a last minute excursion to a private horse ranch.  The family owns a large portion of land where they grow potatoes, corn, and tomatoes.  They also have guinea pigs (for slaughter), pigs, chickens (some are for eggs and the rest are for eating), cows, horses, and many dogs and cats wondering around.


The farm is quite small.  There is a large coop filled with dozens of guinea pigs and outside of the coop are the pigs.  There were only 3 pigs that I saw the land and one cow.  The chickens are separate.  They have their own fenced area with a coop.  There were many many chickens but they did not take require too much space.  And lastly were the horses.  The farmer had about nine horses and each were different color and size.


We were able to ride the horses for a good hour around a horse trail that goes through many other lands that include great sites!  The views were marvelous and the ride was very fun.  Due to the constant drizzle in Cuenca, there were times we came across some very muddy turf but the horses were able to ride through with ease.  Unfortunately, the horses took three trips due to the fact since our group was so large.  By the third trip the horses were really exhausted and constantly wanted to stop for breaks to eat the grass along our trail.  Despite the exhaustion we had a wonderful experience.

At the end of the trip the ranch barbecued for us all!  They grilled fresh made hamburgers, boiled potatoes, and fresh fruit.  The food was delicious.  This last excursion was such a delight because it did not require any hard hiking or much exertion on our part.  I can tell we are all exhausted after 4 weeks of constant hiking, traveling, studying, and foreign communication.  A simple view in the mountains with a lovely ride was the perfect end to our trip in Ecuador.


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