Zoo in Cuenca

My friends and I decided to go on a little private trip of our own to see the local zoo.  I love animals and was hoping we would see some exotic animals that you cant normally see in the states.  I was also hoping for a simple stroll where I can catch up with friends and see beautiful animals.

The zoo is located just outside of town, so our taxi fare was more than we are used to.  The zoo is set inside the mountains, therefore more hiking!  The route was one way, so you had to go through the entire zoo and you had to take the one path they laid out for visitors.  We saw many of the same animals you would see in a typical zoo; llamas, alpacas, reptiles, birds, etc.  But the best part by far was seeing the monkeys!


The monkeys were allowed to run free in some parts of the zoo.  We were able to feed the monkeys from the vegetation that was growing there.  There were some monkeys who could travel to different habitats but they had to travel through a fence tunnel.  There were 2 monkeys in particular that took a liking to us, not sure if that was because we were helping them eat the plants close by or because they truly enjoyed touching our hands, but we got a huge thrill out of it.

After 3 hours we were finally done with our zoo visit and had a fantastic time.  We were still able to spend time together talking and catching up while seemingly hiking our way though the path laid out for us.  It was definitely a lasting memory shared with my friends.


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