Laguna de Pizarro

By far the hardest hike I have been on…ever!  The feat was an accomplishment in itself, but the view was just an extra bonus.  At first we were told the hike was about a 5k but it actually was closer to 8 miles…one way.  The guides were obviously well established hikers with a trained hiking dog too!! She was the sweetest thing but had the hardest name to pronounce that I can’t remember it.


The hike started off tough.  It was steep from step 1.  My fitbit informed me my heart rate stayed at a steady 167 hpm, took 27,657 steps, and walked a total of 9 miles.  The beginning of the hike was rocky.  After about 45 minutes in we reached a clearing where we rested.  We continued up into the words where we went under trees, through holes, and walked extremely narrow pathways.  It was slippery as well, which meant watch your step or you fall to your doom.  About an hour later we came out of the woods into some high vegetation and this vegetation had a vengeance!  We were scrapped, pricked, and poked but all kinds of plants.  Most branches smacked us in the face or drew blood from our hands.  We were sweaty, filthy, and bloody after 2 hours.  In the last 30 minutes of the hike we were in another clearing.  This clearing was covered with extremely slick rocks and little weeds growing out which were perfect for planting your feet on.  We somehow made it through the fog and to the top of one of the mountains.

After 3 hours the lead guide informed us we still had another hour to go until we reached the lagoon.  At the top of the mountain we were hit with gusts of wind and extremely low temperature.  Half of us were freezing and hungry and ready to just go back home.  The other half were too pumped for the lagoon, therefore about 15 people of the group continued on.  As for me, I stayed behind.  My heart was racing and my feet were drenched from mud.  I knew I could not carry on.

We ate lunch with the female guide and their dog.  It was a nice rest.  We trekked back to the bottom which included a lot of sliding, slipping, and more scraping.  Finally 5 hours later, we were done!



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