El museo del Monasterio de las Conceptas

On June 16th we attended a museum that is also a convent.  The convent is very small with approximately 25 women serving.  The way the women are chosen is by birth.  If the second born child is a girl, she will honorably serve the Catholic Church through Las Conceptas.  While we took the tour we could hear singing.  It was very serene and moving.  The building was very old and a few times we became dizzy from the smell of mold.  This building is located in the middle of the busy city.

A small part of the convent is open to the public as a museum.  Below are a few pictures I took while walking though and learning the history of this convent.  The convent was once a place where many orphans were housed.  There are many figurines, pottery, paintings, and traditional clothing inside the museum.

Inside the convent cannot be seen by anyone except family members of the girls serving.  They also do not allow visitors from anyone.  The girls inside are kept inside and never leave once in.  There is one glass door where family members can view the girls inside, but the door is locked and is never opened.  The significance of this door is that it symbolizes once the girls enter their promise to God, they cannot take it back.  There are stories of some of the girls attempting to runaway.  No one knows how the girls are punished for the attempts to leave.




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