El Chorro de Giron

13466303_10208737438529330_7366405309866671835_n.jpgA hike is usually measured on the Yosemite Decimal Scale ranging from 1 to a 5.  A 1 means the trail is relatively simply where it’s just walking with no assistance.  A 5 is the opposite where you need a rope for safety and will most likely be using both hands and feet for the hike.  Hikes considered a 5 are extremely steep and difficult.

El Chorro mountain has 3 waterfalls, and the second waterfall is considered a 4 out of 5 on the YDS.  We had to cross small bodies of water, use our hands to climb steep parts, and walk narrow paths of 12 inches wide right next to steep cliffs.  The hike took us approximately 3 hours altogether and was the hardest I’ve ever conquered.  At the end of the hike we were able to come to this beautiful waterfall.

El chorro trail is an Inca trek where the people walked up the mountain to cleanse their souls. When the Spaniards came and conquered, the Inca were very upset.  They considered the waterfall to be a sacred place.  It was quite an experience to see the waterfall and be able to


On our way up the trail


a mini waterfall on the way


One of the many bodies of water we had to dangerously cross


I felt on top of the world!


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