Los Canaries y indigenioso gente

Recently we went to Gualaceo, Ecuagenera, Chordeleg, Sigsig, and Shabalula.

Sigsig is where the “Panana Hats” are actually made.  The term “Panama Hats” came about when President Franklin Roosevelt visited Ecuador and was given a straw hat.  When he made the treat to build the Panama Canal, he gave all of the workers the straw hats from Ecuador as a gift.  The world saw the Panama workers wearing these hats and thus came the term “Panama Hat”.

Shabalula is a place where Canarian ruins are.  The landscape is amazing!  We saw little sheep and cows wandering around the fields.  One temple we found was built in 1 day, forcibly by the King.

Chordeleg is known for its jewelry.  There are shops on top of shops of jewelry priced rather decently.  This weekend they will be having a festival.  Ecuagenera is known for it’s leather-made shoes.  These shoes are also priced cheap compared to the U.S.

Our last stop was at the shop of a local indigenous woman who makes scarves, blankets, hats, and ponchos by hand.  The process is quite amazing.  They first weave white thread and place knots randomly.  They then die the thread and allow it to dry.  Once dried the knots are taken off and the knots create a design!  After enough thread is dyed they place the thread  in this contraption displayed below that tightens the threads together.  One piece of work takes about 1 week!


an indigenous woman making a blanket


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