El museo Pumapungo

Museo Pumapungo has some of the most unique artifacts of Ecuador history.  From textiles to shrunken heads to actual Inca ruins, there is nothing this museum does not have.  Each museum in Cuenca is free, therefore we were able to experience it all.

Initially we saw all of the textiles and common clothing worn by some of the native people.  We learned of how each was made and for what reason.  In some parts of the museum, there were remakes of the huts that were lived in.


Closer to the mountains was the tribe Shuar who practice a sort of vodou.  Tzantza means shrunken head and became a keepsake of war to the Shuar.  They did not deem these keepsakes as trophies of their victims but rather a means to keep their soul.  They believed the shrinking of the heads kept their souls captive.  The Shuar then tried to control the wife or daughter of the deceased.

We were also able to walk in Tomebamba, an inca ruin.  This ruin was the center of the Inca empire.  Walking though the ruin and you can see the entire city.  The view of the mountains


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